Our Project

Character Cards - Lands - Spells - Artifacts

Our NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) will each be equipped with their own unique layers and attributes baked into the metadata. Specific layers will be very rare and have special in game benefits. For example, a fire overlay on your card may give you a boost to your fire attacks. A green orb on the corner of your card may give that card extra health. The metadata will tell you what specific attributes your character has: Defense, attack, & magic and the power level of those attributes. Our characters are unique, each with its own backstory and a necessary roll to play in the battle. No two cards will be the same and a few will be very rare and collectible!


Code Keepers and Code Breakers


Unique Attack and Defensive Magic


Mysterious Artifacts providing a multitude of in game benefits.


Mysterious Lands that may help OR hurt you!