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Cardano's First NFT Fantasy Card Game

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The Empire Pass is a whitelist NFT

Early Adopters of the Empire Shall be Generously Rewarded.

Active participation in our discord.

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Do not retreat, post and retweet.

Play & Win, Stake & earn!

Spells, Artifacts, and Realms

Your characters will rely on each other, Magical Spells, Mysterious Artifacts and Dangerous Realms to achieve victory. Your character AND support cards will have unique attributes that may determine your victory or defeat in the Code Wars!

Step into the grandeur of the ADA Empire

An epic journey through a world of magic and wonder.

5 decks of 5,000 unique NFT cards at your fingertips, you, the mighty general, will command your army to battle the forces of good and evil in a thrilling online game.

Our Project

Character Cards - Lands - Spells - Artifacts


Code Keepers and Code Breakers


Unique Attack and Defensive Magic


Mysterious Artifacts providing a multitude of in game benefits.


Mysterious Lands that may help OR hurt you!


The following roadmap lists 2023 milestones. Building a great and fun community is our number one priority.

Meet Our

Team Members of the Project

NJ Ronin

Founder, Designer, Web Development

Lucky 13

Founder, Writer, Technical Development

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

We would love to answer your questions, some of them are here so that you may quickly go through them. If you have any other queries contact us.

Ada Empire is an online NFT card battle game.

5,000 (1,000 artifacts, 2000 Code Keepers, 2000 Code Breakers.

Yes, 1,000 Spell and Artifact cards will only be available to the whitelist mint.

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